Who We Are

DYNE - noun \ ˈdīn \ (Greek) derived from dynamis 
- meaning power, force. Dyne is a unit of force   1 dyn = 1 g⋅cm/s2

Performance attire for the active life-style
Created to operate in the liminal world
DYNE is Fit, Fabric, and Function
Designed to break the traditional limitations of active attire. Melding cutting-edge techniques and sophisticated technical materials,with traditional fabrics and old-world craftsmanship. Finding solutions to challenges in ways not previously considered.

DYNE is the next progression in active attire. Created for the liminal world, and the demands of modern life. Inspiring individuals to exert their power and move effortlessly through a constantly changing world.
Created and constructed to allow you to transition from work to leisure, to sport...seamlessly.