DYNE x Greats Pronto Plum


Imagine all the craftsmanship and world-class engineering that goes into a high-end Italian sports car. Aerodynamic design that seamlessly cuts through the wind, and an interior made from the softest, most beautiful leather you've ever touched. Now imagine all of that as a shoe.


The Pronto is made to spec in Civitanova, Italy - known in the trade as "shoe valley" - where each shoe is built to the utmost standards. It easily laps the competition with a luxurious full-leather lining, a hand cut leather stabilizer on the heel, 3M accents on the toe, and hits of top-notch leather and suede on the upper, with just enough mesh for breathability.


Sure, they won't go 0-60 in less than five seconds, but they'll bring your shoe game up to speed.


Free & Easy Returns/Exchanges
We know you'll love them, but if they don't fit perfectly, return or exchange your shoes on us within 21 days of shipment date.