Pierre Pant

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Schoeller® advanced technical waterproof neoprene.

Behind The Name

Pierre Curie discovered radioactivity of thorium; co-discovered radium and polonium.

Fabric Technology

Waterproof Schoeller Neoprene®

Neoprene® is a synthetic rubber fabric that remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures. It resists degradation more than natural or synthetic rubber making it well suited for demanding applications. Its structure makes it resistant to stretching out and excellent at maintaining physical toughness.


Water elements are permanently blocked.

Resistance to Environmental Effects

The environmental effects of sun, ozone and weather that typically degrades clothing leave neoprene unaffected.

Abrasion and Tear Resistant

Neoprene® textiles are highly resistant to abrasion and chafing.

MODEL IS 6'2" 175LBS